Portfolio for Johnny

Dear Johnny,
I’m honoured that you have dedicated your time to my application.

I created this portfolio/resume just for this occasion with the goal of showing you why it just might be a good idea to hire me as your assistant producer.

Through my work I would like to share with you my strengths, my weaknesses, and especially by motivation why I would love to work with you.

I’ll start with briefly going over my education, continuing with my work experience, and concluding with my various other projects.


I received my BSc. in Demography & Social Geography and MSc. in Regional & Political Geography at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. I’m currently finishing a PhD. at the same university. It was an research-oriented and theory-driven education. You can find more details in my CV.


I am currently working as a researcher for my university where I’m part of a research team working on environmental health and sanitation change in developing countries. I analysed both interviews and large data sets, and I am obviously more than familiar with academic literature, which is the primary source for my work. You can read more about my research here.

My research team in Jharkhand (I’m first from the left)

I have also worked as a project manager and researcher for public opinion and market research company. Here I primarily conducted statistical data analysis.

Besides that I was an intern at the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation, and I used to work as a tour guide at a lovely medieval castle in Southern Bohemia.

Videography and other projects

I started being a bit more seriously invested into YouTube last year. I first published a trilogy documenting a overland journey from China to Europe and then I published several videos about India.

Out of all the videos I’ve made, this might be my favourite (although the videography is far from perfect):

I also work for the Czech National Scouting organization: Junák – Czech Scouting. I am mostly involved in production of content connected to sustainability and active citizenship.

In the introduction of this portfolio I also mentioned that I would also mention my weaknesses. The most relevant to this position would be my relatively small of experience in working with archival material. I did work with some archival footage and pictures in my video about the Beating retreat ceremony, I also spent a lot of time in the archives of the Swedish railway museum for a project I’m currently working on, and lastly I worked with World War 2 archives while assisting my grandfather with his project on creating a complete list of war veterans from his home region.

So I don’t have any serious experience in this, but it wouldn’t be my first time seeing the archives either. I can also promise to educate myself ASAP according to your needs.