I love to tell visual stories. Here are some of my favourites.

I directed and edited a short movie that participated in the annual Water Film Prize short film competition organized by Let’s Talk About Water & the Global Institute for Water Security. I produced this film for Water Science Policy and it went on to win the third prize.
For the same NGO I also produced a series of interviews called The Current. Sometimes I had the luxury of editing clips I filmed myself, sometimes they were clips filmed by someone under by my supervision, and sometimes it was just whoever was around, while I had to deal with the mess. This is an example of the last scenario. But I think it turned out just fine.
In this one I was not only tasked with editing but also with conducting the interview. While holding the tiniest of microphones.

These other videos I produced just for myself. They were shot on different points in my video-making journey and with different skills available to me.

In case you’re wondering, Mindprobe is the name of my channel and of my old blog.