Other Work

Scouting & Global Education

Since December 2014 I have been involved in a global education project called Scouts and Guides: Active Global Citizens. It was an -international EU-funded project that connected Scouting organizations and global education platforms from Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Scotland, Slovenia, Germany, and Greece. The project concluded in 2017 at which I together with severl other former lectors established a global education committee within Junák – Czech Scouting.

Scouts and Guides: Active Global Citizens project received the Global Education Innovation Award in 2018.

During this project and the subsequent committee work I have been engaged in various work dealing with democratic principles, active citizenship, or sustainability. 

If you find this topic interesting, you might want to check a tool we developed called Global Compass. It is designed to help groups on their path towards global responsibility and civic participation.

Academic Senate

Between 2015 and 2019 I served as an elected student representative in the faculty senate. Since 2016 until the end I held the position of 1st vice-chairman of the senate.

Lecturing & Talks

I organized and led many educational seminars and workshops, I talked about environmental health and other developmental topics on various events. I studied classical rhetoric and I am highly experienced in delivering understandable presentations on complex topics. I also taught a Development Studies class at Charles University in 2017 and presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Development.